*** All internet is payable upfront – before the 7th of each month


Speed Data Price
Up To 8 meg 10 Gig R150,00
Up To 8 meg 20 Gig R250,00
Up To 8 meg 50 Gig R350,00
Up To 8 meg 100 Gig R450,00
Up To 8 meg 150 Gig R550,00
Up To 8 meg 200 Gig R850,00
2 meg *100G Soft cap Uncapped R450,00
2-4 meg *100G Soft cap Uncapped R500,00
3-6 meg *100G Soft cap Uncapped R600,00
4-8 meg *100G Soft cap Uncapped R700,00
5-10 meg *100G Soft cap Uncapped R800,00
2-4 meg *Unthrottled Uncapped R600,00
3-6 meg *Unthrottled Uncapped R800,00
4-8 meg *Unthrottled Uncapped R1000,00
5-10 meg *Unthrottled Uncapped R1200,00
6-12 meg *Unthrottled Uncapped R1500,00


Installation once-off includes wireless router R3000,00
*2 Year Contracts only applicable on 300 Gig soft cap
Email accounts Free


* In Town R3000.00
* Rural Connection R3500.00
* Please note the installation price might change depending on the actual install.